Welcome to the
Customer's Kingdom

The Customer Care
where clients are treated
like Kings and Queens.

Impersonal and passive customer care?
Too often unfocused on an omnichannel customer experience?
Never again!

TFour believes in a different customer care : a strategic channel that is perfectly integrated with the brand’s marketing, that guarantees a superior brand experience to luxury, fashion & lifestyle customers.
This is the only way to build a strong relationship, that makes reputation and sales grow.

This is the Customer’s Kingdom.
Let’s discover it together.

The Customer’s Kingdom does not have uniforms.
Each client has a tailor-made dress.

Nowadays, on average 1 customer out of 5 believes to be totally satisfied with the brand experience.
This means that there is still a huge strategic work to be done; giving priority to “tailor-made” services that need to come first to sheer operations.

TFour stands out for its advisory approach, that starts from a strategy, strictly put together with the client, and progresses with an organized plan and omnichannel operational project. Thinking before doing is the only way to avoid making mistakes.

In the Customer's Kingdom, each touchpoint
is well manned. From technology and from the TFour Heroes.

TFour looks after all the omnichannel interactions with the customer throughout all sales channels (retail, wholesale and e-commerce) and all phase: Pre-sale, sale and after-sale.

TFour utilizes customer experience platforms which can be easily incorporated within the processes and the brands platforms:
Call, e-mail, web form, chat, proactive chat, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat etc.

TFour turns every contact into a targeted marketing campaign, creating value for the brand.

If the mastery of technology is fundamental, intelligence and sensitivity of TFour employees that uses it is even more important.

We are so proud of them, that we now call them TFour Heroes.

The Customer Kingdom
has a huge natural resource:
the TFour Heroes.

TFour Heroes know all technical and qualitative products characteristics, thanks to ongoing updates on new collections.

First, however, they must assimilate the founding values of a brand, to become true Brand Ambassadors.

We select our TFour Heroes based on specific soft skills: the ability to create empathy, to understand customer needs, to manage and resolve complex situations and to generate significant up-selling.

Some hard skills are just as important, such as the mastery of technologies and languages. Today our Heroes are of 16 different nationalities.
Their multiculturalism is another resource at your service.

A river teeming with fish flows in our Customer’s Kingdom. The data river.

Customers of luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands are at the forefront: 98% own a smartphone, 77% have more than one device and in 80% of cases they are influenced by the web even for offline purchases.

The daily contact with these customers allows TFour to detect a significant data flow and to elaborate detailed reports, with the subdivision of sales channels, markets, sectors, etc.

This method allows us to point out interesting development opportunities for each brand.
Each TFour project is therefore a continuous work in progress, where the data is used to improve the service and retain more and more end customers.

The Customer’s Kingdom has no boundaries.
Therefore, it has three capitals.

Today we truly live in a boundless world.
Where customers keep up to date everywhere and by all means.
Where it is therefore necessary to have sensors
in the most "sensitive" places.

Therefore, TFour has three offices:
Milan (headquarter), New York and Hong Kong.

Below you will find our details to contact us and get more exhaustive information about our services.

And now we are waiting for you too in the Customer’s Kingdom!

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